What Is Email Verification and Why Do You Need It in Your Prospecting

What Is Email Verification and Why Do You Need It in Your Prospecting

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Hope your day is fantastic. Now, we'd like to share with you some info about how to use email verification and why it's so useful for your prospecting needs.

Why do you need to verify your email lists?

Email verification now is the only way to ensure your email base is valid and you emails will be seen and interacted with by real people.

Of course, it matters a lot. Read below why.

Typically, email lists degrade at a rate of 25% each year. It means that up to 25% of the emails in your bases won't be valid after a year.

When you keep running email campaigns with invalid email base, here is what usually happens:

  1. Your bounce rate climbs up — this send the message to ISPs that your sender reputation is questionable
  2. This results in your emails reaching less people with valid email addresses, since your emails will get to junk folders more frequently
  3. Your email deliverability and other metrics decrease which directly influences your ROI

That's why it's paramount that you go through an email verification first and make sure your list is verified and ready to get into the game.

What is email verification

If you've ever run an email campaign — you're perfectly aware that marketers use an open rate, reply rate, conversion rate, bounce rate and click-though-rate metrics to gauge the efficiency of a campaign.

There are various factors that, being put together, affect the performance of a campaign. The most prominent of them is your email base validity.

It's very simple — if most of the emails in your base are not accurate — your campaign won't make it to a good result, regardless of how good your messages or subject lines are.

To keep an email base as valid as possible, marketers use email verifiers — special tools that can define whether an email is valid or not and deliver back the results — in a form of a CSV file or in any other way.

What counts for a valid email address?

A valid email address is simply an email that belongs to a person and can receive emails.

There are lots of other types of emails that slip into your base — spam traps, simply irrelevant emails that are not longer in use, misspelled emails.

Email verification refers to a process of checking your email base in order to improve odds that your email will be received by a real person.

How email verification works?

The whole process of email verification involves a series of steps. Although, different services may have different steps they're going through.

Step 1 — Syntax check — here an email verifier makes sure that all symbols in your emails are in the right places. This includes scanning your list for missing @ symbols, and other things that could result in a bounce.

Step 2 — Domain check — the second step of the email verification process. The tool checks records to make sure that the domain name is correct, and that the domain exchange server is able to receive emails.

Step 3 — Email ping — at this step, an email verifier sends an EHLO message to each of the emails addresses in your list and waits for the response from an email server. When the tool gets a message from the server back, it can identify whether that email address exists on that server and whether it's active or not.

Based on this checking, an email verifier can update your list, marking all the email addresses in it as valid/not valid or adding any other comments next to each of the emails.

Email verification in LeadRocks

In LeadRocks, you can check your email base for validity for free, in a few clicks.

Read how to use the email verification feature in details in our Help Center.

Normally, a verification process takes up to an hour (sometimes it may take longer, depending on how many emails are there to process).

How to read the results

Once your file is all ready and shiny, saved to your documents, you can open it and see the results.  To read the results correctly, again, just head to our Help Center articles. This one will explain what each result means.

That's it — congratulations, because you’ve just successfully saved yourself from potential blacklisting and having your deliverability rate sliding down.

Oh, did we mention that this feature is absolutely free? Create your account for free now to get more perks from LeadRocks and skyrocket your lead generation.

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