6 Top-Of-The-Line Email Marketing Platforms 2022

These email automation platforms guarantee amazing results. They're all worth trying to boost sales performance and productivity.

6 Top-Of-The-Line Email Marketing Platforms 2022

Email marketing is a powerful driving force for potential customers and lead generation. It is an integral part of any business’s cold outreach strategy, so the need to streamline the process is naturally expected.

There are various email marketing tools and platforms on the market today designed to help salespeople market smarter, save time, increase the efficiency of their campaign and make more sales. It may seem hard to pick out one specific tool or software out of the many available, however the ones compiled in the list below will give you a general view of what the best tools out there offer and guide you to the right platform for your goals.

It's the pick of phenomenal tools to fuel your sales and marketing tremendously.

1. GetResponse

GetResponse is a multifunctional online marketing software with amazing opportunities for email marketing. Equipped with a wide array of features to help you sell smarter and secure more leads, this platform makes it easy for you to take hold of your business and make your conversion rates soar.

GetResponse’s features include effective email automation, helping you hook potential customers in, follow them up on their lead journey, and encourage them to make a purchase with instant automatic reaction emails to specific actions (or interrupted actions – like abandoning a cart).

What sets GetResponse apart from other tools is that it also lets you test smaller parts of your marketing campaigns, such as colors, call-to-action buttons and even navigation elements to view.

This platform also gives the user the option to pick out pre-made email templates and to easily design your email with an intuitive visual email creator tool. And if you want to stay on top of consumer trends and analyze what areas of your business are experiencing the most growth, GetResponse has the right tool. Its email insights marketing solution grants you insights into CTRs, open rates, customer patterns and characterizing data about your most active prospects. A/B testing campaigns, selecting the best performing features for your campaign and automatically implementing them and other pieces of revolutionary technology.

GetResponse is arguably the easiest to use email marketing platform on the web; its user interface is amazingly well-designed for maximum convenience.

2. ActiveCampaign

This tool encompasses all your email marketing needs all in one place. Letting you design eye-catching and distinctive emails with its drag-and-drop vizualizer, set up automated effective triggered emails and instantly send out autoresponders to reel prospects in and guide them every step of the way towards a purchase.

Productivity maximisation and time saving are what you pursue when searching for a descent email marketing automation. All aspects of your online marketing campaign add up to tremendous results for your conversion rate and forged customer-business connections. ActiveCampaign makes it easy to speed up the process and drive more revenue to your business. Make a powerful impression with your message and tailor your emails to your target audience – all automated and directed from a single place.

ActiveCampaign integrates with plenty of other tools and is powerful enough even on the “Lite” plan to run sequences on autopilot, segment your prospect lists and weed out the non-responsive.

Nourish your leads and bring them on the road to conversion with a chain of welcome messages or scheduled emails. Send one-time bulk emails to everyone on your list, create new campaigns and engage new prospects.

3. MailChimp

Probably my favorite. Campaign crafting, scheduling, valuable audience insights to optimize your outreach.

A renowned email marketing company recognizable for its abundance of features, trusted online marketing features that lead to increased sales and loyal customers and a great price to quality ratio for its premium plans.

Millions of salespeople choose MailChimp as their go-to email marketing assistant, and it’s no wonder: its automation features work wonders for time efficiency and lead engagement, the platform offers a powerful email designer for guaranteed interest and click rates, personalized email content suggestions and tons more functionalities.

Shape the unique appearance of your email or newsletter with the help of included templates or code your own. Get relevant suggestions on email subject lines and make your email layout pop with the Content Optimizer tool.

Send automated welcome mail, engage prospect with action-driven emails and gain momentum with new leads, stronger customer relationships and engaged buyers who keep coming back to your business’s webpage. The tool also offers behavioral logic (not only split test but automatically switching to your best version of a copy).

MailChimp has great opportunities for customer engagement analysis and insights, giving you all the data needed to adjust your content and presentation to fit your audience.

This platform really eliminates any potential inconveniences and runs all online marketing processes smoothly for you so that you can focus on selling smarter and building customer connections. Their UX is amazing and super easy.

Thus MailChimp is ideal for the improvement of ecommerce businesses’ email outreach strategies, taking care of every aspect of the marketing workflow.

4. MailerLite

Another platform with a wide variety of features integral to email marketing is MailerLite. It's a modern drag and drop email builder with wealth of functions to enhance email marketing for you and boost productivity.

  • There are endless possibilities for email design with choices from multiple editors, templates and visualizers (drag-and-drop editor, custom HTML editor);
  • You can send out targeted messages to individual user prompted by a subscription or other trigger action;
  • Manage your email list and monitor campaign success on desktop or on the MailerLite app; set up an unsubscribe page to gather data about why people would cancel your subscription.
  • Build a plan of your emails with automated newsletter delivery, RSS campaigns and site or content update notifications.
  • MailerLite gives you the option to link back to e-commerce sites with useful integrations. Advertise and sell your goods via email.
  • Split campaigns
  • Robust analytics

Overall, this platform is incredible in terms of functional versatility. This is absolutely the best option for supporting professional looking campaigns, maximizing successes of current campaigns and mapping out future ones.

5. Constant Contact

Constant Contact is perfect for sending reminders and follow-ups.

It's s a wonderful platform for small online businesses to create memorable campaigns, design and send outstanding emails and newsletters and build up a core audience.

Keep your subscribers engaged with relevant content perfectly tailored to them; manage your success across multiple platforms all in one place with seamless email list management and campaign edits on desktop or on the app; track your insights in real time and apply data-based targeting strategies for increased click and open rates; find out more about your customers by setting up online polls and surveys; run subject line tests to pinpoint what drives the most results and create emails that stand out with a variety of pre-designed templates within the email builder.

What’s exceptional about Constant Contact is that it’s got all levels of expertise covered – including online businesses that are just starting out. This marketing platform is best for occasional campaigns, making the most out of your outreach efforts, building up and fully engaging your audience.

6. Sendinblue

Sendinblue’s wide range of email marketing tools will make sure you put your best foot forward in your next campaign.

  • Creating your own email design or starting out with a template to achieve a professional look is easier than ever.
  • Segment recipients based on characteristics such as gender, location, activity history and more to reach smaller groups of your audience with hyper-targeted messages; connect and keep subscribers wanting to click on your every newsletter with personalized content and openers (including recipient names, sending milestone mail etc.);
  • Conduct A/B testing to determine best message results and let the program send the most powerful time-optimized emails using machine learning. View and manage your contacts, reply and build relationships in one intuitive place and improve CRM performance.

Sendinblue is perfect for small businesses looking to start out strong and widen their horizons.

In conclusion

Email marketing optimization is vital to your digital sales strategy. Finding the perfect tools that fit your team’s needs best and achieve your marketing goals doesn’t have to be as challenging anymore – choose the best of the best out of trusted, highest-rated email marketing platforms and start selling smarter.

The mentioned top-of-the-line e-mail marketing solutions were tested by our team who spent hours on evaluating each one. These optimizers and automation tools guarantee amazing results from efficient sales to loyal connections to make your business thrive.

I would conclude by the following assessment:

GetResponse – Best to start out in email marketing

ActiveCampaign – Best all-in-one

Mailchimp – Best for Ecommerce businesses

MailerLite – Easiest to use

Constant Contact – Best for occasional campaigns

Sendinblue – Best for small businesses

It’s important to remember, however, that every marketing solution has its purpose and works best when implemented in a specific way for a unique goal, so it’s best to consider all aspects and weigh out possibilities.

Always make sure to try your platform before committing, especially since all of them listed here come with a free trial or a free plan.