What Are Some Great B2B Lead Generation Strategies For 2022?

Take control of your business’s success and explore today’s most powerful and effective lead generating solutions used by leading marketers that are guaranteed to boost your conversion rates and attract new buyers.

What Are Some Great B2B Lead Generation Strategies For 2022?

At some point it may feel like your business is at a standstill. You’ve tried what seems like every method out there to attract new prospects, but somehow aren’t hooking in any potential buyers.

Though all is not lost yet. There are tested ways to generate leads in 2022 that work. Listed in this article are the top 5 solid strategies that will bring in more prospects and subsequently drive more revenue.

1. Contact & company data

Make the most out of company data by personalizing your campaigns and tailoring emails, offers & notification messages to your target audience based on location, intent data, time zones, demographics, technographic data, as well as additional data attainable via surveys or applications.

Use up-to-date contact data to reach qualified leads and enrich email and call lists. This includes direct-dial numbers, phone number details, email addresses and mobile numbers.

Implement a B2B-specialized data intelligence and automation tools into your marketing approach for optimal results – with the right software you can save valuable time and boost productivity tremendously, driving more revenue and ROI on top of that.

For example, with such tools as LeadRocks, you can enrich your database of LinkedIn URLs with relevant verified emails or just solicit a bespoke research and pull all contact details of your prospects that can be used to reach then through multiple channels.

We've listed some of the best highly rated sales intelligence tools in this article.

It’s been shown that click and open rates increase exponentially when marketers employ a personalization strategy. Don’t underestimate the power of making informed data-driven marketing decisions and watch leads flow your way.

2. Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn, as well as other sales prospecting tools with equivalent features are a must-have for acquiring high value targeted leads fast thanks to key functionalities like advanced search filters and Sales Navigator.

Closely Surfer is another useful tool for your team – this free Chrome extension simplifies the prospecting process by retrieving accurate and verified company and contact data from LinkedIn, company pages and social media accounts. It also provides various shortcuts to streamline LinkedIn lead generation substantially.

3. Events & networking

A great way to find new leads is either to host business events or attend them and actively build connections. Don't forget that with tools like Closely you can easily scrape event attendees after the event, push those contacts into your campaign and reach out to them on autopilot.

Forge meaningful customer- and partner relationships, earn referrals and gain brand credibility – all of this is achievable through frequent communication-encouraging events like webinars, seminars, online meetings and conference calls.

4. Gated content & content personalization

Create personalized, targeted content to increase consumer interest and generate leads that are most likely to make a purchase. Make gated content a part of your inbound marketing strategy.

Utilize gated content as a way to gain insight into characterizing data categories about prospects showing interest in your product. Grant leads access to your ebooks, reports, guides, white papers and other content through offering them to fill out a form with personal information.

For example, something as easy as setting up a gated webinar on your company website allows you not only to gain access to lead contact info, but most importantly engaged visitors who would actively engage with your product/services.

5. Freemium solutions

Give out free trials, demos, free products, referral awards, freemium solutions, discounts, coupons, white papers (or generally valuable content relevant to your target audience) or other offers in exchange for emails details, contact info & interested leads.

6. The power of community

B2B online communities are great link- and connection building opportunities. Users can lead active discussions with representatives or other users, share their experiences with your company and get answers to questions regarding your products.

Being active in such a community and making sure it’s something of value to users is crucial to grow your presence, stronger connections and brand trust.

The focal point of online communities is being able to find out what customers want directly from the source and adjust your product accordingly. Grow groups on Facebook and LinkedIn with people of common interests and keep them thriving with regular quality content, and fast response rates.

This way you can generate and engage qualified leads who share interests for your brand or similar solutions.

7. Gather reviews

Customer reviews are a great boost to your credibility and serve as a testament to the quality of your products. User reviews on G2, Capterra and other review platforms encourage leads who are searching for solutions like yours to opt for your services.

Build up customer trust and convince new leads to choose your business – stimulate and prompt subscribers and customers to write reviews.

8. Familiarize yourself with Quora and Reddit

These sources are some of the best sources of B2B leads. People are often looking for solutions there. My advice is to publish answers only if they stem from your own experience and can truly bring value.

Final Word

Take control of your business’s success and explore today’s most powerful and effective lead generating solutions used by leading marketers that are guaranteed to boost your conversion rates and attract new buyers. You’ll be ahead of the game with the right tools and strategies, without tedious manual data researching or ineffective and unreasonably costly solutions that are doing nothing to help your growth.